2016 By-laws online with changes

Rodeo family,

We met tonight and ironed out some changes for the 2016 season.  Please click on the by-laws in navigation bar above to read over all the changes.  Please make sure to read up on the events section as we modified the divisions, and the associated splits.  Another change pertaining to the Division Events states that any knocked barrel or pole will result in a no-time.  Please send us any questions that you might have on our Facebook Page

Also, here is our schedule as finalized as we can make it at this point.  Mark up those calendars and we’ll see you at the arena next month. (That’s right, NEXT MONTH!)

May 30th – Memorial Day Rodeo
June 18th – Tentative St. Jude’s Rodeo
July 1st
July 15th
July 29th
August 5th
August 19th
September 2nd
September 10th – Finals at the Apache County Fair

Site rebuild..

Welcome back everyone!  If the wind would calm down a little we would have some prime riding weather.  We hope that everyone enjoys their Easter weekend.  Growing up our horses always had Thanksgiving to Easter off as their “vacation.”  I’m sure that the saddles will be coming out soon, and we have begun discussing the particulars of this season.  We are excited at the new faces, new events, and continued fun that we always have with you at the rodeo grounds.

We are in the process of updating the by-laws, website, and schedule for the year.  You can access our calendar now by clicking “Calendar” in the navigation bar above.  Our only tentative date at this point is the season opener.  We are considering an opener on Memorial Day (May 30th) this year, as we have in years past.

Please check back soon, and we’ll have more information available to you including Single and Family Registration Forms so you can be all set before you show up for the first rodeo.

Thanks as always for being the amazing rodeo family that you are.  We enjoy the new faces, and hope our family continues to grow this year.