2016 By-laws online with changes

Rodeo family,

We met tonight and ironed out some changes for the 2016 season.  Please click on the by-laws in navigation bar above to read over all the changes.  Please make sure to read up on the events section as we modified the divisions, and the associated splits.  Another change pertaining to the Division Events states that any knocked barrel or pole will result in a no-time.  Please send us any questions that you might have on our Facebook Page

Also, here is our schedule as finalized as we can make it at this point.  Mark up those calendars and we’ll see you at the arena next month. (That’s right, NEXT MONTH!)

May 30th – Memorial Day Rodeo
June 18th – Tentative St. Jude’s Rodeo
July 1st
July 15th
July 29th
August 5th
August 19th
September 2nd
September 10th – Finals at the Apache County Fair